About Us

About Us

Our priority at Rodriguez Army Health Clinic is to provide safe, quality and compassionate care to our nation’s heroes – for whom this state-of-the-art hospital was built. From our warfighters, to our spouses and children back home, to our retirees, we are one team dedicated to ensuring all our nation’s heroes receive world-class medical care in a Culture of Excellence. Please feel free to explore this section of our website to learn more about us.

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Our History

Major Fernando E. Rodriguez

On 18 October 1898, the US took formal possession of San Juan and the hospital at El Morro. The American Flag was raised. The first American patients were members of the 11th Infantry, who were admitted on Oct. 20, 1898, before much progress had been made in the renovation. Major Charles F. Mason, Surgeon, of the Brigade of volunteers, was formally assigned as temporary commander on Oct. 22, 1898. The hospital was gradually developed as a general hospital and named the U.S. General Hospital, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Rodriguez General Hospital, San Juan, PR

During 1947, the U.S. General Hospital changed its name to the Rodriguez General Hospital in honor of Major Fernando E. Rodriguez, Dental Corps, U.S. Army. Rodriguez was an outstanding pioneer in oral bacteriology research and was one of the first to discover the organism causing tooth decay. Rodriguez was a native Puerto Rican and served as Dental Officer, Station Hospital, Post of San Juan, at Fort Brooke.


On 15 January 1947, the 161st General Hospital was inactivated and was reactivated as the Rodriguez General Hospital. The status of Puerto Rico was also changing and by the Jones Act of 1917, Puerto Rico had become an incorporated territory of the United States. The territory received partial self government in 1947 and the American military decided it no longer needed all of Fort Brooke.

On February 14, 1949, the Rodriguez General Hospital was closed as a part of the closing of Fort Brooke. The Outpatient Clinic which was located on Fort Buchanan was renamed; the Rodriguez Army Health Clinic and remains in part to this day.

Rodriguez Army Health Clinic’s Commanders:

1974 - 1977

CPT Jacob Lozada

2002 - 2003

COL Bradley N. Harper

1977 - 1981

MAJ Jessie Valdez

2003 - 2007

COL Margarita Aponte

1981 - 1982

CPT Francisco Maldonado

2007 - 2009

COL Manuel Valentin

1982 - 1984

MAJ Rosa Smith

2009 - 2009

LTC John E. Glorioso

1984 - 1989

COL Gilberto Varela

2009 - 2011

COL Virginia D. Yates

1989 - 1992

COL Ignacio Hernandez

2011 - 2012

COL Danny B.N. Jaghab

1992 - 1999

COL Rodolfo E. Bautista

2012 - 2014

COL Angelene Hemingway

1999 - 2002

COL Bobbilynn H. Lee

2014 - 2016

COL David L Sloniker

2016 - 2018

LTC Eliasib Lozano

2018 - 2020

LTC Rachel Wienke

2020 - 2022

LTC Joseph Walker

2020 - Present

LTC Alex Montgomery



Logo for Rodriguez Army Health Clinic


Provide ready and sustained health service support and force health protection in support of Multi-COMPO forces and Fort Buchanan to enable readiness and to conserve the fighting strength while caring for our People and their Families.



Maximized readiness, enduring 5-star healthcare.




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Monday–Friday 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed every Thursday after 12:00 p.m. for training.


Building 21
21 Patriot Blvd.
Fort Buchanan, PR 00934
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