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Rodriguez Army Health Clinic is an appointment based managed care medical facility that serves the active duty military population in Puerto Rico. We are located in Building 21, Patriot Blvd, Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico.

AMEDD Officers

Health care professionals who serve as Officers in the U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) enjoy a wide range of opportunities and financial incentives. There are benefits, tangible and intangible, available to Officers who choose to serve full-time in the Army.

Active Army professionals are members of a multidisciplinary team focused on providing the best health care possible. Training begins at the AMEDD Center & School and offers a wide array of experience and opportunities within your respective field.

You`ll also have opportunities to develop even more specialized skills than those you already have. From continuing education courses and seminars to clinical research and teaching you`ll be able to enhance your level of expertise. The AMEDD Center & School offers 5 Masters Degree Programs and seven Doctoral Programs to those who qualify.

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AMEDD Enlisted Soldiers

Health Care Specialists are offered a wide array of opportunities for additional training to become a specialist in certain medical fields if you qualify, from Combat Medic to a Physician`s Assistant. Your AMEDD recruiter can inform you of the many opportunities available to AMEDD Soldiers.

Fresh out of boot camp Soldiers come to the 32d Medical Brigade at the AMEDD Center & School for their training to receive the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of 68W Health Care Specialist. The 68W Health Care Specialist is the second largest Military Occupational Specialty within the Army.

Training includes pre-hospital emergency medical trauma care which incorporates tactical combat casualty skill sets. From the 32d Medical Brigade these Soldiers will report to units throughout the Army as "Combat Medics" who are Emergency Medical Technician-Basic certified and possess the skills to survive the battlefield and accomplish their medical mission. 

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AMEDD Civilians

In 2010, Army Civilian strength numbered 310,000 compared to an active duty force of 547,000. The Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Civilian Corps encompasses over 45,000 MEDCOM civilians working in medical and non-medical occupations as well as, over 3,000 civilians working in medical occupations assigned to other commands. Throughout the history of the AMEDD, civilians have proudly served alongside uniformed service members to provide the best possible medical care and support to the Army. Over the course of more than two centuries they have become trusted partners and colleagues in the AMEDD, a corps of dedicated and loyal professionals working diligently to accomplish essential missions. 

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